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The Precision Naturals Experience

Did you know?

Dietary supplements are generally not examined or evaluated by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) for safe consumption. It is a mind-boggling reality that rattles a lot of supplement consumers upon realization.

In other words, it is the sole responsibility of nutritional supplement companies to regulate these nutrition productions by themselves. Thus, the several countless probiotics, fat burners, performance boosters, minerals, protein powders and many more displayed both online and in stores are not necessarily guaranteed as harmless for use.

Expectedly, since their manufacturing industries regulate them, a lot of these supplement producers tend to do a less-than-thorough job to gain a competitive advantage in the market and maximize profit.

Know before you ingest

What are the common offences associated with self-regulation of nutritional supplements?

  1. Indeed, there are lots of inappropriate practices exhibited by supplement companies regarding quality control of their products. Some of these behaviours include:
  2. Failure to hire qualified Registered Dieticians, Medical Doctors and PhDs for evaluation and formulation decisions: Making the best dietary supplements requires engaging the best hands possible. Qualified doctors and registered dieticians base their formulas on the latest and most effective research available. Disappointingly, however, many supplement industries have cultivated the habit of hiring inexperienced quacks who just concoct up ingredients of dubious respectability, leading to the manufacture of products devoid of safety standards.
  3. The use of non-natural, low-quality and untested ingredients in disproportionate quantities.
  4. Carrying out production activities inside facilities not certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  5. Failure or refusal to conduct post-production examination: Based on independent testing, the report shows that many manufacturers of supplements find it unnecessary to ascertain if the ingredients are the same as the ones highlighted on the label. In fact, a lot of them do not test their products to ensure they are pure and uncontaminated.
  6. Distributing and shipping out of their products untested, letting those who use them be the experimental subjects of quality control.

The answer you need

Precision Naturals is everything positive you need when it comes to effective and safe-to-use dietary supplements. We pride ourselves in the detestation and avoidance of all practices unprofessional and questionable in the production and distribution of our supplements. We make products formulated on outstanding and recent scientific experiments and research. As a matter of fact, along with our loved ones, we happily partake in the consumption and usage of our products. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers above every other thing. Due to this, we subject our dietary supplements to a strict 7-stage research and testing protocol before they are certified. This process is scientifically based and works thus:

First level:Experienced and certified formulators

At Precision Naturals, we believe quality to be the ultimate difference between excellence and mediocrity. This is why we have brought together a team of world-class professionals to help develop possibly the best quality brand around. We have renowned and many respected researchers, nutritionists, medical practitioners, chemists, fitness experts and the like that use the best possible formulas for our products. Our formulas are presented to highly experienced and recognized experts that conduct a rigorous process of evaluation and approval of them.


Second level: Use of real, true and effective quantities of scientifically-backed ingredients.

Unlike a lot of popular brands we have around, we do not play our customers by making deceptive statements on an ingredient or its quantity to gain a competitive advantage in the market. At Precision Naturals, What we do is give you the needed amount of quantity required for maximum effectiveness.


Third level:Supplements made with natural ingredients

Precision Naturals has looked everywhere possible for the best quality and most reliable types of the ingredients used to make our dietary supplements. We make sure our ingredients are completely natural and devoid of antibiotics, colours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


Fourth level:Ingredient testing

At Precision Naturals, we use raw ingredients that are potent and pure. In fact, we make sure to collect a certificate of analysis to this effect. Also, we carry out more microbiological evaluation and testing during production just to meet up with the positive standards we have set for ourselves when it comes to quality control.


Fifth level:GMP-certified manufacturing

Precision Naturals adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices required for Dietary Supplement and Food production. GMP Certification is a third-party certification scheme that involves examination and inspection of production facilities to ascertain if quality performance indicators and specific food safety are being met. Such signs include specifications for personnel training, facility sanitation, equipment cleanliness, document tractability, and                                              maintenance.  At Precision Naturals, we believe through GMP Certification; quality becomes an exclusive preserve of our customers.


Sixth level:3rd-party quality assurance testing

At Precision Naturals, once we have produced, labelled and sealed our supplements, we engage the services of well-reputed third-party, independent labs to examine our GMP-certified manufacturers properly. This is geared towards meeting up with safety standards required from us by our customers.


Seventh level:Finished goods testing

Finally, we also enlist the same elite 3rd party, independent labs to examine further and evaluate our completed products. We do this to make sure that the ingredients used for our products are harmless and in the right proportions as stated on our labels.


Without further talk, it is evident that Precision Naturals ensures its products are thoroughly and comprehensively tested in as many stages as possible just to deliver topmost quality to our customers. The faith in our products is firmly established by the amount of effort we put into meeting up with your expectations, and this is reflected mainly by the fact that we proudly use these products as well. Not at even one single stage in our manufacturing process do we allow unprofessionalism to creep in. Our formulas and ingredients are as effective as they can get. Try out our products, and you will be amazed at the result.

Indeed, Precision Naturals bridges the gap between quality and quantity. With us, quality becomes available for all.